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Loneliness that haunts me…

Tears are words that NEED to be written -Paulo Coelho

My life like many ppl…is just one constant battle between wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely…Need a break from this loneliness that is consuming me as whole…So I took a paper and pen… and this makes my loneliness a counter productive action…

It’s only daytime here in my darkness
with only loneliness as company
I listen to the silence
since no one can hear me.
It’s still daytime in my darkness
with a sun of black coal
my tears fall in a corner
and my silent cries echo.
I’m sitting here alone
In this empty room
which keeps on getting emptier,
Only the light from the street is shining.
And then a loud call for help,
And everything turns black,
I try thinking of something or someone
to help maself out of this,
But nothing comes to my head,
I’m alone…
He came to visit me again today,
I wish that he would stay away,
I didn’t ask for him to come,
I didn’t ask him where he’s from,
I’m happy when he isn’t here.
It’s hard to smile when he appears,
I hope he leaves me soon,
He fills my life with gloom,
Sometimes his visit’s only brief,
A moment spent with no relief.
Sometimes he stays for quite a while,
Unwanted company to live with
Me, then I try to walk away,
But he just wants to come and stay,
The loneliness which haunts me again and again,
Throughout my life….