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Ode to woman

Is she something for you?

Is she a readymade machine?

When she’s older, things will change

She’ll learn to suffer pain

Till the point when she won’t know her

She isn’t made to fight

She’ll never be in power

She’s told to settle down

And be a flower

You say her to lower her eyes

You want her to do your works

You want her to never complaint

You want her to spent whole life

In feet of you.

Is she something for you?

Is it because she prefers comfort rather than flaunt?

Is it because she prefers you rather her?

Is it because she prefers family than herself?

Depressing? Is it not?

Can you clarify? Is she something for you?

 Break the cycle

We’re all same…

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Her Illusions

As she walk in that lonely path

Passing through the endless crowd

She met two eyes

It was different from those all,

who walked past her

They stood there gazing each other

And the whole crowd stopped moving

Is this love?

She’s still dreaming

She’s probably going crazy

She closed her eyes

She can feel that their world

 growing bigger and bigger

When he reciprocate her feelings

She can feel the rain drops

dripping in her stomach

He showered her

with endless memories

Time flew away

She didn’t know when

Truth becomes lies

And promises becomes words…

He walked away

And their love become her only regret

She sits back and feels as if

Their moments have been fading away

And their worlds has been collapsing

Right in front of them

Even without his presence

They are grabbing away her life

How many illusions she has to pass before reaching him?

Sometimes she feel like letting it go

But then he stands right before her eyes

And making her realize

That they weren’t illusions

One day these walls

 Will crumble

One day the door

Will swing wide open

And when the day comes

Remember he is meant to fly higher,

And he will fly back towards her

no one can take that away…