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Perfectly Flawed Choices?

There are times in your life when you can’t help but ask yourself, what am I doing here? Is this right? Have I chosen correctly? Is this correct path? And even though how many times you’ve asked yourself, or even how many times you’ve gone through your best and worst what-if scenarios, you still do not know the answer.

Has it ever happened with you that you realize you have come too far down the road to go back? Sometimes we are at that juncture when just one decision lays the foundation for the rest of our life. Almost all of us face this situation when we have to choose between the love of our life and the person we are supposed to go with. Looking at the thousand faces of your loved ones you decide to preserve the smile and part away with yours. Life doesn’t give second chances, at least not to many of us. So, no matter how much you long to go back to the beginning and alter your decision, you simply can’t.

Let me tell you something, it’s only you, who will live as an incomplete person for the rest of your life pretending that nothing ever went wrong, regretting the decision every single day of your life. Had you just stepped back and declared your love! What worst could have happened, they wouldn’t have accepted, but at least you tried. Unspoken feelings hurt the most. You love someone, go say, irrespective of the fact that you will hear it in return or not. Else you are buying for yourself hollowness, loneliness and regrets at a remarkably heavy price.

Life is all about the choices that you make and how you abide by them. Learn to choose the right thing even if it demands standing against everyone around. In the end it’s all about our hearts and who they beat for. Look around, there is that one person who is as gorgeously flawed as you are and that’s the missing puzzle block you have been searching for.  Don’t let him/her go because none can fill that space that perfect. Real happiness doesn’t come from more money, a big house or a hot girlfriend/ dashing boyfriend, it comes when you know you are living this moment of your life exactly as you always wanted. It comes when you do what you are passionate about, when you are with someone who makes you feel alike, with whom there are no secrets, no complications. All of us, at one point of time get tired of getting up each day to prove ourselves to someone or the other. All we want is that someone who accepts us just the way we are. It’s all about just a handful of choices that make a person incomplete or accomplished. Choose wisely!And remember you are your choices!!!