Camera360_2015_7_31_124039Welcome to my mind:D

I'm just a girl who doesn't understand what being mature is. That's right i'm just a kid. Wanting to be older, but i just cant! Maturity in me is not enough. I'm a cry baby i admit that. But that doesn't mean i don't have talents. 

Hmm.. I'm still discovering the rest about myself... Go through my profile..read my stories..poems..articles..  ...maybe someday,you can come up and tell me what I really am like(provided they're all nice things about me :D)...just in case you get to discover me before I can!

Romance,mysteries and humor are my all time favorite genres. I like writing too but am not the best but I just started so maybe that's why.

I luv sitting in my room watching you tube videos, pulling ma friends legs.. fighting with my best friend.. 

My stories are not flawless. They will have errors, plot holes, untied ends, etc etc. But! I never claimed to be an expert in writing! :) I'm still learning how to make my skill better.
and yeah I'm pretty awesome:P

PS: all u guys are pretty awesome too...

92 thoughts on “About”

  1. aaaawww Darling you are soooo cute. I feel like adoring you. ❤ ❤ I only wish i had a cute little sister like you whom i would tease protect and love all day. Thanks for connecting to me and following my blog. You have that innocent feeling in you which i adore a lot. Hope to read you a lot and help to discover you to yourself. I am soo glad we met. Love you sweet heart take care. ❤ 🙂 🙂

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    1. excuse me miss….my name is sulagno…which ends ‘o’ not ‘a’ or ‘i’ hence i am your bro not sis. 🙂 I m really very sorry if i became a bit rude to explain u this. Love u my darling ❤

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      1. i am VITian and here itself……so glad to meet a senior here on wordpress…feeling soo happy…so how are u n what are u doing? what was your branch? which batch? How did u find VIT that time, your experience ? Oops in excitement i think i am not letting u speak ok your turn dear

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        1. i’m good.. 2 days before oly I vacated college 😛 Going fo higher studies.. No matter how much we criticize our college..we will miss it in the end:P bdw how did u get to knw dat I’m from VIT?

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          1. hahaha your profile pic…..here in gravitar or wordpress whatever….u are sitting n in your hand is that VIT id card tag for which even now also in 2nd year the guards say to us…anna id card…where so ever we go….. lol 😀

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              1. omg they asked u to give it back…thats really not good at all….we have an attachment with that card…so many memories dont u think 🙂

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                    1. yeah….. we seriously cant make here any1 unless they say clearly…i recognized only when i saw that id card tag in ur pic

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                    2. ok baba…yeah i think i should see u after my exams ….no not after weeks…m not like that…i like to talk in between my exams as well 🙂 ok see u yar take care dear 😀

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          1. actually my branch is biotech here…..u know we are having term ends from tomorrow 😦 we get soo tired n bored of giving exams n fighting for grades 😦

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            1. lol.. Yeah I know how tiring it is.. But comparing it with odr colleges we are lucky we just have to spk wd our teachers na:P

              Having term end tomo and here you are asking abt VIT!

              Go and study =D ll b easy 🙂 mug up all d slides nd der u get an ‘s’ grade:P

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  2. I love how you acknowledge that you’re not an expert in writing. It’s something we should all do so we can all learn and become better writers!

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    1. Thank you for taking time to drop by…good to be across yours too and good meeting you…I appreciate your kind comments..Hope you are keeping well, have a bright and cheery day today. : > ) x
      Much love

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    1. Thank you Carl for taking time to drop by…
      I am very much enjoying following your Blog also…you have a lovely blog… Take good care of you:)
      Much love


    1. It’s so true that it gives more satisfaction Dan 3 S’s… nd thanks alot for nominating me 😍😙 I ll get back to you with the post at the earliest…


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