Let go or Be dragged…

Sometimes in life good bye is the only way even though you never wanted to leave..There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you…It hurts so much more to keep holding to something that isn’t there…So letting it go will be the only option!


Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

 Willing to let myself fall

I gave him everything

I’ve fallen for him

I’ve fallen for his charms

I’ve fallen for his words

Walking around

In broken heels

I can hardly breathe

All my dreams

Getting smaller and smaller

My trust was my last defense

Never in my wildest dream

I did expect this to happen

You made the choice

But I guess it was meant to be

Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

My love for you has no meaning but a blur

I feel bare and naked

Unprotected like a child

No amount of passion

Can ever stop this pain

I have no more intent

This is the last one for you,

There’s nothing left I can do.

You were something that I did virtue,

Even when you never had a clue.

Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

Sometimes letting go is the only way…

Black And White Empty Road


29 thoughts on “Let go or Be dragged…”

  1. dont deserve to be love deprived . whatever u do to reconcile or to make things perfect in a relationship if other person is not reciprocating then things become more complex and pain just increases. yeah and as u say “Sometimes letting go is the only way…”

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                    1. They need writers who are willing to write and put their hard work on.. Plus you have an awesome blog with so many followers.. you cant be that bad.. Give it a try.. you might become the editor 🙂

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                    2. editors have responsibilities. I am a man with free wings. I write whatever comes in my head at the moment. I am sensitive and feel too much; sometimes its not required

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