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The night stumbled

The grief rushed in currents of air

As he gave his final good bye

Her tears of sorrow,

Washed away by his words.

Huddling under overcoats

His mischievous laugh

His care; his swing of love

His cradle of passion

Shadows of things that used to be

hinders her ability to see

into the loneliness of the starless wintry night.

As she walks along this passage

Wondering where he is now,

Does he stare in to space wondering too?

Is he happy, or lonely as she?

She sat there

Tossing rocks in to the calm shimmery water

Wondering what would have been if they had a chance…


22 thoughts on “Chance”

  1. 😦 sad.
    Sometimes we pine for people who have moved on. It’s terrible never really knowing where a relationship will end. The feeling of missing and wondering what could have been sucks. Thanks for writing and sharing such a lovely poem.

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  2. This is very touching and very moving…and I have been where you are quite a few times in my life. A hard lesson, at the end of the day, we are making this life journey on our own and our fulfilment cannot be found in another human being…we are all transitory, but we can have soul mates/ companions along the way to share the experience, and learn these lessons together. A virtual hug being sent your way…Thank you for your openness…

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