Wild Thoughts! #1

There is always a crashing point or threshold, initially it was difficult taking me out of wreck, but now I write.. As I write with my half chewed pencil in this lonely night, my heart thumping..  I never thought I will write so much in two weeks.. It’s like a way of cleaning up. Writing has always given me a sense of satisfaction..It is like a drug I can’t live without.

(I’m not bragging. Just stating a fact)

I know my thoughts are wilder than my dreams. Getting lost in the wild has its own benefits. It’s something you don’t get by sitting in room and watching television, it’s nothing but EXPERIENCE. And here comes my questions: P

I always wondered how mirage’s can fool me again and again every single time. How can my eyes, my intellect be wrong? And you know what is worse than that?

I used to feel everyone are unique but the more closely I scan meticulously the more similarities are disclosed. May be everyone are different in the way they think, the things they do and stuff. But deep inside everyone are amazingly talented actors, their versatility reflects from the fact that they change roles ever single minute and every single seconds. And People’s love for romance, humor, love and sadness are immense. Fooling one another and faking the love is their favorite past time.

I wonder what the world is… I always wanted to ditch the pretenses that we live in and I don’t get why the world wants us to conform to its norm. Why not abandon the fakeness and toxicities behind? Why can’t people set aside their prejudices and listen?

Ultimately, we’re all snowflakes-different yet the same 😀

So everyone,”Set your hair free allowing its lock hit you..Lay down barefoot on grass.. soaking in peace…”

Now this is enough, because my extremely valuable thoughts are losing track again and again…

Urgh! My Wild Thoughts are on the Loose!!!



16 thoughts on “Wild Thoughts! #1”

  1. i love your beautiful line very much. They seem very appealing. Ultimately, we’re all snowflakes-different yet the same 😀
    So everyone,”Set your hair free allowing its lock hit you..Lay down barefoot on grass.. soaking in peace…”

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    1. lol.. I didn’t think from that aspect 😛 hmm… May be u are already perfect… ahead of us.. So no need to worry abt baldness.. Just wait for us to catch u dr 🙂


      1. fine with me, actually i´m starting a new society called the bold and bald Eagle society, you can send me 1,000,0000 $ to the acount of Charly the Priest, which is 666-666-6…forgot about the other number but will ge to you with it, by the way you people drive me nuts with things like this :P, what the fu..k does that mean


              1. Have a great Monday tomorrow, start the week with milk and as for me, since you don´t know me but my body at age 32 or 33 I eveng forgot! well it´s the body of a 93 year old so now my back is saying….rest! plus it´s 8 p.m and haven´t eating in the whole day here in the land of the wild bulls, a.k.a Spain, so now gonna eat some “lentejas”, this was too much iformation, anyhow anyways, love ya

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                  1. You´re from India then? Have quite a few people that I talk too from over there, and yes as I always say, drink milk, two hands on the steering wheel and do no I say do not have cissors. Follow my basic rules to live and you will have a great time in life.
                    Hope you had a nice sleep, it is 4 hours and 20 minutes more there if I remember correctly so it must be 1:40 p.m ?

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                    1. no worries about the late reply´s I understand people have theri own thing going, plus talking about me, I would like to have more time to have time for this wordpress thing, anyways, from India….that´s cool and you should drink milk my the way

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  2. Love these words. We are all unique but the more you stop and listen, observe, ponder…the more you realise we are more connected than you think. A real paradox! Go with the flow, embrace the world, the cosmos…and it will love you in return…just watch!, lol I sound like an old Hippie! Have a cheery day when it comes x

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