If we were a movie…

“Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring”

Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic teenage girl.

I grew up thinking that my love life will be magical, something out of ordinary.

I should blame it on the Indian cinemas. That entire Bollywood chick flick’s which I have seen thousand times again and again which forced me to believe in the whole prince charming concept and those surreal romances. Those melodic music and advertisements everything made me to fall head over heels. So, you see I was programmed to think, believe and look forward to a super romantic love life ahead. I had pictured me falling in love with a guy in endless Bollywood-Situations and I’ve been planning to repeat every single scene I have seen on-screen with him.

I always believed that my life will be like something I had seen in all those movies, where I meet a guy whom I will hate to death and eventually we will become friends from strangers. And before even I realize we will be in love Or something like meeting a bad boy in college and the perfect me changing him completely to bring the best out of him 😛

A romantic beach proposal enjoying the sunset and I will be the right girl whom he will be spending his whole life with…and and happily ever after…

If we were a movie….



10 thoughts on “If we were a movie…”

  1. Greetings Lollita,

    I, too, love Bollywood movies…from the rolling pageantry of the scenes, the music and voices that are as different sounds from an intriguing, unknown instrument to my ears, to the beauty of it heroines and the stories they tell!

    Hold fast to your dreams. If you imbue them with passion inside, they will come true outside!

    Poetry gems,


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      1. You are most welcome, Lollita!
        I am so proud of you for deciding to share your poetry with the world. That is what you are supposed to do. After you share so many, get an editor and publisher and allow readers to purchase your work…as as fans purchase songs and novels!
        I enjoyed reading your other works as well.
        Enjoy your Saturday!

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  2. “Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring”……madam its not so easy lol 😛 . Boys like me always have the risk to get a kiss or hug even may be chappals or broom lol 😛 Proposals are never easy but yeah really magical if it really happens. And yeah in movies they show everything go in their favour only, quite impractical. Those issues i always feel to bring out in my stories. 🙂

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