Butterfly Kisses

"memories are so two-faced..
  Sometimes they hug you so tightly like a long lost friend,
       then the next minute
              they're ripping you apart like your worst enemy..."girl-3

You are my best friend,
Your smile like a silver bell:
Light, pure & free;
You were like the hours of happiness
That  happened only to me.
Lies are all you seem to say,
That it hurts more each day.
That’s why I wish you to go away,
So that I wouldn’t be in pain, anyway.
I still remember those times
when we were
building our dreams
in a sand castle.
But, who would have thought
that time
is like those waves?
Who would have thought
our dreams
could be severed by an hour-glass?
As I walk through this hill
that used to be our playground,
I begin to wonder
Where do those old smiles lie?
Where do those laughter and tears hide?
When will I find them again?
I stare at this spilling hour-glass
Time flies so fast
The things that I used to have
are all gone
If those Pink candy canes and butterfly kisses
Could fulfil all my wishes
Sliding down the rainbow into a sea of gold
To a magical place where we never grow old
I don’t think I’ll ever understand
Just what happened to us
How did two so happy and free
become closed off and unloved?
Now as the sun goes down
I’ll say a prayer
Wishing perhaps for you
But really, life’s not that fair….

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