But what if…


It terrifies you, doesn’t it?

The way she loves you, the way she finds you in the words you never said, the way she knows the depths of your heart, the way she looks into your eyes as if she has known you for a thousand years. You find moments of eternity when she smiles and you don’t know how to return a love like that. She is a hurricane of thoughts sweeping you away, making you waltz to her rhythm. It won’t ever be easy, she is made up of truth and chastity and fire and lightening. She will challenge you to become your supreme best; an ideal man, her man.

You were scared of that boundless beauty, weren’t you?

She stood an inch away from you gazing at the fading hues of horizon across the blue of the sea. You stared at her from the corner of your eye hoping she thought about you the same. Your shirt matched the beat of her dupatta dancing with the wind, a cacophony of theirs. She tucked a strand behind her ear, and you longed to caress her. With her, you felt for the first time ever that you belonged to someone. You felt you were home after a long time and lately, you had forgotten how beautiful that feeling was. You felt accepted, loved and admired and pacified. But you stood rooted to the ground drowning in your insecurities, letting her go.

The sun had left its imprint on the horizon promising to meet again; a declaration of love.

She turned towards you, facing your demons, accepting your fears and standing tall against the world. She held your hand in hers and for a brief second, you felt rescued. You knew she was yours to keep. She told you that she loved you to the moon and back by just looking at your eyes, something that you couldn’t do for so long.

That night, the stars burned a little brighter. And since then, whenever they got a chance to peek through the window, they danced a little too.

But what, if you are not worth any of her. I know it scares you, owning such a precious thing, always comes with a price. Have you paid it just yet, or are you going to pay it your entire life?

Why wouldn’t you let her go? Wouldn’t that be an easier thing to do?


“I would always love Alaska Young, my crooked neighbor, with all my crooked heart.”


Jan 6th 2019, the day I read about Alaska’s death! There are books out there which you can discard after a single reading, and then there are books which could haunt you long after you have closed the cover and tried to sleep. I started reading “Looking for Alaska” hoping it would be another young adult book where I will be just looking forward to usual plots – about love, friendship, heartbreak, etc. A story that started unblemished turned into one of the poignant books I’ve ever read. What I least expected is for a story that leaves me hanging with a million questions.

Why the hell did she die?

Did she kill herself or was it really an accident?

Did she love Pudge?              

If she had survived the accident, was there a possibility for Mile to confess his feelings to her ? 😦

John Green himself has said it’s up to us to decide. “The book belongs to the reader” and all that 🙂

 “When Alaska dies, it’s extremely hard for everyone and it felt like the entire book fell apart in my hands”.

Alaska was such a sad person – emotionally confused and mysterious. In every action, she shows how impulsive and wild she is. She is impulsive because she doesn’t plan for a future. “I may die young, but at least I’ll die stupid.” She lived very much in-the-moment, because, as she learned from her mother’s untimely death, in just a heartbeat everything can fall apart. She spent her time trying to enjoy the now; SMOKING, PRANKING, KISSING, LIVING…


This is why Miles Halter aka Pudge – fascinated by famous last words, is such a foil to her character. Everything he does is calculated. “That didn’t happen, of course. Things never happen like I imagined them.” He goes to Culver Creek trying to find his Great Perhaps, but has no idea what he is looking for – to set out and be an individual ?

Alaska is at Culver Creek to escape reality, and Pudge is there to find it.

Alaska sees life as a grand tragedy. Alaska is determined to be a mystery because she is afraid of letting anyone see the truly fucked up nature of her personality. “She collapsed into an enigma of herself.”, and she really did. When she died she left nothing but frayed edges and left herself to never be truly known.

“You never get me, that’s the whole point.” – Alaska

Sure, she didn’t plan to die. But everything with Alaska fell into two categories: those things which she would plan, down to the finest detail and the things which were purely impulse, without any forethought whatsoever. She would plan meticulously for her pranks, making sure that she would be in complete control of them. Not letting the chaos which had ruled so much of her life touch them. But on a highway, feeling like the world was falling out from beneath her: she was a fuck-up, a drunk, a smoker, she had sort of cheated on Jake and she had forgotten her mother’s anniversary. She had forgotten the day she had let her mother die. The day she became the fuck-up she is now.

You can picture her in Blue Citrus in the dark, with the lights creating these shadows across the road, tears smearing her already intoxicating vision. You can see her thinking – shit shit shit. I fucked up again. I failed her again. I failed them again. I failed myself again. You can just see her seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren and starting to slow down, then thinking about the goddamn labyrinth and all her suffering, and remembering her words in her book “straight and fast” and – she presses her foot down on the accelerator and the engine roars but you can’t hear it over the sirens and the chaos and the lights and the blinding pain and sadness Alaska feels. And then she is gone. POOF.

The chaos, the impulsiveness. It’s all so very ALASKA. It’s all to very her. Leaving herself a mystery. Inflicting pain on herself as well as others.

“If only we could see the endless string of consequences that result from our smallest actions. But we can’t know better until knowing better is useless.”

Alaska. She was beautiful. And she was a beautiful tragedy!!!

“She didn’t leave me enough to discover her, but she left me enough to rediscover the Great Perhaps.”

― John Green, Looking for Alaska

 Looking for Alaska undeniably left me questioning my ability to cope, and how far I would be willing to hold on to something or toss it away when it really matters or when it actually burns my soul. Will I be able to hold on to hope within my personal labyrinths of suffering?

“We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.”

Looking for Alaska will always remain a story I keep in the back of my mind. John Green’s writing is insanely good because it is the kind of writing that creeps in little by little and it’s like I start reading a paragraph and it seems like any regular paragraph in the world of books, until I reach its end and then it hits me and I realize that there is more beauty in one single paragraph of a John Green book than in entire book collections out there.

“Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”

Shades of them…

Her light black glittered nail paint was his favorite. He loved putting it over her fingers to her arms & some of it on her cheeks too. She would curse him trying to rub it off from all over her while he laughed his eyes out.  payalHe would hide her anklets in the dark hours of the night.  Just so that he would get another chance to kneel down, take her feet in his hands and tie it again. He had gifted her more than a dozen anklets, all with metallic bells. He felt assured of her presence while he wouldn’t be looking at her.

Sometimes when she felt low, he would braid her hair too, gently caressing each strand. He liked her hair lose, untied, falling carelessly all over her face. They said he was always talking, but with her, the only thing he wanted was to listen. He would notice the little crack in her voice when he smiled at her. And the gentle curve of her lips when she tried to steal a look from him. Days when he would wake up before her, he would watch her sleep. His favorite time of the day was when they would sit on the attic in absolute stillness. How comfortable it was to share silences with her and still be understood. Sometimes he thought how she always knew whether he wanted a strong coffee or a soothing tea without him saying a word.

Many a days she would hide in the garden only to see the expression on his face as he would lose himself in the painting. She had mastered the art of putting into words the thoughts in his mind. Most of her days will be spent with her putting colors on blank sheet. Days she didn’t paint, she would talk to his mother, go through his childhood album picking up faces to frame, mix up songs for them to dance on a dimly lit evening, bookmark the pages for him to read from her favorite novel and learn to bake, just the way he liked…

Wounds and Betrayals…

Immobile I stand

Midst nowhere

This is exactly where I am

Left wounded


And the poor aching persists…

I don’t care you still love me or not
I don’t care what you feel about me
I am not afraid to walk alone
because I have been hurt for so long
that nothing affects me now.
I don’t need your ardor anymore
for it’s all so fake.
I believed you loved me
but those were mere pretending.
The thought that you might leave
made my bones shiver
but now it doesn’t even matter
for I have seen the worst.
Your words no more touch my heart
for they are all false.
I curse my own self
for all the times I wept for you
because you never deserved it all.
Your name strikes my mind
and its all hatred I am filled with
I thought you were the one
till I was kept in curtains.
You said you’ll never leave
you said you’ll stand through all
and I believed…

I believed in your feigning
and so, I now stand betrayed!!!

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Perfectly Flawed Choices?

There are times in your life when you can’t help but ask yourself, what am I doing here? Is this right? Have I chosen correctly? Is this correct path? And even though how many times you’ve asked yourself, or even how many times you’ve gone through your best and worst what-if scenarios, you still do not know the answer.

Has it ever happened with you that you realize you have come too far down the road to go back? Sometimes we are at that juncture when just one decision lays the foundation for the rest of our life. Almost all of us face this situation when we have to choose between the love of our life and the person we are supposed to go with. Looking at the thousand faces of your loved ones you decide to preserve the smile and part away with yours. Life doesn’t give second chances, at least not to many of us. So, no matter how much you long to go back to the beginning and alter your decision, you simply can’t.

Let me tell you something, it’s only you, who will live as an incomplete person for the rest of your life pretending that nothing ever went wrong, regretting the decision every single day of your life. Had you just stepped back and declared your love! What worst could have happened, they wouldn’t have accepted, but at least you tried. Unspoken feelings hurt the most. You love someone, go say, irrespective of the fact that you will hear it in return or not. Else you are buying for yourself hollowness, loneliness and regrets at a remarkably heavy price.

Life is all about the choices that you make and how you abide by them. Learn to choose the right thing even if it demands standing against everyone around. In the end it’s all about our hearts and who they beat for. Look around, there is that one person who is as gorgeously flawed as you are and that’s the missing puzzle block you have been searching for.  Don’t let him/her go because none can fill that space that perfect. Real happiness doesn’t come from more money, a big house or a hot girlfriend/ dashing boyfriend, it comes when you know you are living this moment of your life exactly as you always wanted. It comes when you do what you are passionate about, when you are with someone who makes you feel alike, with whom there are no secrets, no complications. All of us, at one point of time get tired of getting up each day to prove ourselves to someone or the other. All we want is that someone who accepts us just the way we are. It’s all about just a handful of choices that make a person incomplete or accomplished. Choose wisely!And remember you are your choices!!!



should have told
you how I really feel
A little in advance….

Had I been living a daydream?
Was the past a fairy tale and the
Present a hard truth?
My heart is left in pieces
The fogs are finally lifted; But
The destiny remains unchanged.
I still stay far
From surrendering…
Time changes nothing at all
I miss you the same as the day you left

I miss you in the summer warmth, in the
Blowing winds that touch my cheeks,
Your memories come rushing by

Every time I pass the bench we sat on
Over and over again, swallowing me each day…

I hate that you left
Without hearing the words
That I needed you to
The words left unsaid

The expectations unfulfilled,
I’m struggling to hold to nothingness.
There are times
When you sneak out of my mind
And roll down my cheeks
When I know all I want is you
Now all I do is wait for another life
Where I wouldn’t know you at all,
Where I wouldn’t struggle to forget you
Loving you is a heartache that never goes away.

I missed you yesterday and the day before
and I know I will do that tomorrow too.

Every time we have to say goodbye
I’m counting down until we say hello

I never had something that I
Can’t walk away from
When it comes to you, no, I
ain’t got no patience…
But if there is somebody that
Makes you feel perfect
The way I’ve been lacking
Then do what you have to
because I’d never blame you

For not choosing me…

It’s all meant to be…

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Some days even the sun hides behind
the clouds
And you end up being a dead star on a 
night sky
Whirling darkness, lonely weather 
And the pain comes out as tears down 
your cheek…

She lived for ‘and they happily lived 
ever after…’
He hoped for ‘Once upon a time…’

Her heart was a sealed garden & the
walls were very high
Inside her heart she placed dreams
Beyond his reach…

He walked with her, not holding hands
but soul
He made her feel the warmth,Inspite the

A swollen heart 
An undying love
Oh,it’s him again, a hundredth time 
& destroyed self…

She remembers his smile 
That sparkled in his eyes
She remembers the spirit 
That set her free…

As memories grew
They became inseparable 
Every memory remains
As the days past swiftly…

A blatant fate 
A concealed secret 
A blurred vision 
It’s,the fear of future, a mighty 
& poignant reality..

Unforgettable, that’s how he stayed in her
Treasured,where ever he is…
She concealed a secret,too heavy for her to
She made him promise
That he’ll pardon her for
killing him…
He will…won’t he…??

A pair of almond eyes!


Each raindrop that hits the window glass, it fills up the room with a sudden melancholy. Here I am, silent, trying to hear what the noises are about. People say love strikes you like lightening, a sudden wave rushes down your spine, ecstasy fills the air you breathe and you go singing all day long. Falling in love is like a fairy tale coming true. Each moment you wish that person to be right next to you. She is the first thought in the morning, the smile that persists on your lips and the last kiss of the night. She is a lifetime with a happy ending.Yet I’m trying to figure out the essence of everything, her innocence is what troubles me the most. He first saw her on a moon light. Soon a foreign emotion clouds his eyes…

He ‘was welcomed with her eyes

He gazed at her so much,

Her beauteous brown almond eyes

Made him melt…

He said it will work out,

Though she had her doubts.

He climbed inside her skin

And made all the promises

He made castles beside the sea

Little did she know those castles were of mud.

He didn’t leave till she said yes.

The sands of time slipped by,

She fell in love the day he fell out of it….


All the promises he made

Stood like a double headed sword

Ripping her mind and soul apart

Demons stole her breaths, she survived.

Denials pounded through her mind,

Emptiness echoed through her heart

Moments were filled with pain

She still fell for him every morning.


Time flew,wedding bells ringing.

She kept the vows. She knew what it meant to say  “yes”.

When they said ‘Love is what that binds you both’,

She wondered was that ‘love’ that suffocated her?

He bent down to slide the ring in her finger. He smiled.

He was cold as ice,

She couldn’t find love in his eyes.

Darkness covering her like a blanket

Gliding deep in to her thoughts,

Yet she smiled back.

Both carried the weight of the ring forever

With no fairy tale ending…








Untying my hair, letting it go loose

I lifted my head

To the clouds above

Gentle breeze caressed my face

Rushing past my face

Midst nowhere

I stood there

Finding the lost happiness

Captivated in thoughts

Caught in its chain of web

Seeking the lost me

Somewhere on the road of past

I am not afraid to walk alone anymore

I don’t care if I was right in holding your hands

I don’t care if I was right in choosing you

I don’t care you still love me or not

I don’t care what you feel about me

I don’t care what others think about me

Because I have been hurt for so long

That nothing affects me now…

I don’t need your presence anymore

For it’s all so fake

I believed in your feigning

And so, I now stand betrayed!

I believed in “YOU”!

But those were mere pretending.

I curse my own self

For all the times I wept for you

Because you never deserved it all.

Your words no more touch my heart

for they are all false.

Your name strikes my mind

And its al hatred I am filled with

I thought you were the one

But now it doesn’t even matter

For I have seen the worst

My head is still lifted.

Midst nowhere

Immobile I stand

This is exactly where I am

Left wounded and shattered…


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“Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You gonna love it”… I cannot help but remember this famous dialogue from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv series when Rachel is all set to be independent.

Every now and then we run out of feeling something for the first time. You wait for quite a time for precious things to happen- may be getting a job, outing with friends, confessing your love, speaking before the crowd, dancing on stage, holding hands or the first kiss….We have a preconceived idea about how it’s going to be and how we will react to it….It happens just the same, all of it, but you know it’s just in a split of second it’s all gone…The BEST MOMENTS… And it’ll remains as memories for life time!

Moments, they don’t last in time frames; it’s just our mind contemplating over and over. That’s the thing about growing up. We are coming down the list of the first time magical incidents happen to us. The sad part is we just have a handful of them and the second time doesn’t feel the same way.  Most of the times we don’t even realize it’s happening to us. Long after when it’s gone, we come to believe that was something special. I know, it’s the worst part 😦

Moments, long gone and dead, they have the ability to trigger in you the lost love, the futile excitement or the capabilities you once had.  Keeping up with the pace of life, we usually forget the essence of our being, the person we used to be, the things that make us happy or the goal of our lives. Life keeps rushing with bundles of happy moments lying on the sideways; it’s for you to open it.

Allow yourself to feel love, keep the windows to your heart open, celebrate success after a project, have someone you can say ‘I love you’ to, dance in the pouring rain, have 2am talks, send flowers to your beloved sitting miles across, watch the sunrise above the sea. It is in these tiny moments life exists.

When you turn 60, you would sit on the armchair with watery eyes, thinking about each tiny atom that made you. Nobody has it all right, nobody has everything to smile at, and we do have painful memories, a lot… But those difficult moments that you survived are the stories that stars sing to the world, these are the ones world knows you by, they make who you are today.

Live life by moments not by ages… Make stories that your grandchildren would love listening; make you own life worth watching.

As I embark my journey, these thoughts are going to help me in the long run to accept the fact that each day of life is a dynamic development and this determination will help me create wonders wherever I go. I still remember the day 4 yrs back, I entered college, away from home. Similar kind of fear, happiness and anxiety, it feels almost the same but the difference is that I am more optimistic, mature and have faith in myself. In spite of being aware of the fact that this journey is going to be bumpy, I’m ready to take the challenges that stop by.

All set for a new journey..

Here, I say Au revoir to the past and bonjour to a new start…

Stay Happy 🙂 😀 and remember the best moments are captured in blurred pictures….. ❤


Starlight Blogger & Liebster Award :)

Hai guys ! I can’t begin to describe how blessed and loved I feel by all these award nominations that keep coming my way, no matter how much thanks I say, I know it’s not enough. You guys keep making my days 🙂

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Krithika, One of my dearest and most favourite person,Thank-you Krithika as always 🙂 People do check out her blog, she is one of most talented and versatile bloggers out here that I know  🙂 Her writings are passionate and very intense ❤

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Yup! So many.. For me in all fields each one is there..I’ll mention the important ones though… Patience : My dad (Achan) Love and : Mamma Sacrifice : Sister .. She always gives me everything…

3.Which is the most powerful thing in this world,according to you ?

Love… hmm nd yeah the ability to forgive and forget L)

4.What is most valuable, charity & social work OR your own responsibilities?

Help those who are in need .

5.Who made you discover the starlight within you?

My Best friend.. Arun.. He was the one who used to encourage me a lot .. He read all my craps without even complaining once.. Luv him

6.What is your biggest dream?

Own a farm… And My nominations are :







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So Here I’m Answering all your questions.. 🙂

1.What are you really good at?

Sleeping ?:P lol… I love to write poems.. I’m ok ryt? Nd yeah I’m a nerd.. U know I’m that kinda girl who takes book wen Im bored… I get easily bored of everything els:P

2. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

  Lol..Somewhere in a small town..away from city..n a small home surrounded by fields.. cattles..birds.. etc.. I love farming :*

3. What do you value most in life?

Friends and family 🙂

4. What do you feel is your true identity? i.e. what do you think you’re really supposed to do in life, what is your dream/true talent?

I always wanted to be a journalist 😛 lol… Nd yeah I’ve always dreamed of becoming a farmer, u know.. I love to grow food for a community…I want to raise cattle grow watermelons… I love the smell of soil :p

5.If you were a character from a movie or a different world (e.g. from Space), who or what would you be, and what would your story be? 

Movies though.. I want to become that girl who changes the life of a bad guy :p …There should be Villians…. Fyts… drama.. I need everything… *super hit bollywood movie * Yeah Batman?Iron man? I’m super confused.. pls don’t ask me abt movies 😦

6.What does a normal day in your life look like?

Ghosh! Don’t even ask… I have got classes from morning 9 to night 10 L yeah I know..It sucks..

7.If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

I wanna fly J 😀 I don’t know why.. But cool na ?:P

8.What has been your biggest challenge?

I over think… and yeah I have got no patience.. I wanna know everything then and there…

9.Do you believe in love?! Have you ever loved someone truly?!

Yup I do believe in something magical J No idea if it was love…may be..U can call it infatuation: P

10.What are afraid of?

Oblivion 🙂

11.How do you find my blog?!

Lovely and Inspiring 🙂

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Lol! This is a stupid annoying play. I don’t know why I sat to finish this task. Clock is running and I got nothing 😦 Wait I got…. *jumping*

I run through twilight;

Trying not to strip

Huffing and Puffing

It hurts to run

But I know my pursuit won’t stop

I drip

Filling my mouth with dirt

It’s chasing 

I don’t want to look back

Blood splashing around

I took my old dull sword

Swishing down to cut my own wrist..

PS: Does it make make sense..? It’s harder than it looks….  EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee… I love *E* ❤

Time : 7:05 Sec

And my nominations for this challenge are :

https://negativethinkerr.wordpress.com/ https://bedifferentbuddy.wordpress.com/ http://sheetalsharma47.wordpress.com/ https://royallyawesome.wordpress.com/ https://poetryandchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com/

…and you keep waiting

“I’m done with all the lies…telling people that I’m tired In reality I know I’m just sad…wrote something after 3 damn weeks… heavenly feeling”


Sometimes you get this feeling that you don’t fit

The world is still The people seem strange

Even your dear ones have changed And there is absolutely no connection you feel
All that you want is to escape

Run away from all the troubles Go back home, let out what’s been inside
Cry out loud and feel on your own

That’s not going to happen
Home is also that cold…

There are times when you feel tired of being strong
Of putting together things every time
Of being there for everybody around
And never returned back the favor.
You see days go by with nothing changed
And the pain comes out as tears down your cheek
But you know you can’t help it.

Some days even the sun hides behind the clouds
For the fear of not being ‘wanted’ swallows it too.
There are times when you don’t know where to go
What you want, why this chase…
And you end up being a dead star on a night sky
But nothing still happens, the dark hour prevails
And you keep waiting
You keep waiting….

Sugary Dreams

I had an awesome dream last night…And I ain’t got any place better than this to share it  🙂 ❤


Sugar coated clouds

In a bath of red

Peachy Sun setting its rays

Grey Waves

Rolling and Running

Giving me the hour of ultimate peace

Looking out

In that sea of gentle tides

As I wander the beach

World still in motion;

Tides still in reach

The lullabies conceived

By the wind chime

Her soft ripples met my feet

It whispered our names again

Unjumbled and unbothered

Drowning in the depths

Of her innermost self

And for an instant

We shared the secrets of


Oh lady Moon…

images (2)

Oh silver moon

My old friend

In the stillness of this lonely night

Peeping through my window

You will see me weak

And I won’t lie

Not to you

You will see me bleed

Too many memories under my skin

Too many riddles hidden within

He is gone

I’m lost

Bring back those nights

Drift my love closer to shore

Light the path once we walked together…



I stood there frozen

Beneath a blanket of dust

Forcing me to fall deeper

I have sunken deeply

In to the black hole of mind

My passion

It roared throughout the night

Stretching its paws

Unaware about my dreams fermenting to wine

Intoxicated on the essence of you

Oh, My love

Rewind the clock; let me breathe

I want to feel the delight of magic love

The magic that cradles the world

Come back; I want to feel it again

The pervading fresh scent of love

The sound of Birds on the meadows

Along with the tune of my heart

The Strokes of West Wind against my pale skin

Come back; I want to feel it again

I want to feel the frigid cold winter

Lifting the lashes of calm waters…


images (3)

Letting the wind touch my soul

Standing on the edge of shore

Beginning to contemplate reasons

Will my children tell tales of my love and adventures?


Will those tales bring tears?

Stories and fables of wasted potential…

My life

Spins uncontrollably

I’m broken half of someone handsome

I’m the wet shining sand that he sinks his toes in to

I’m the one he tosses aside from shore to shore

I’ll drift through oceans to cling to him like dust

He will carry bits of me to every end of earth

Even when he didn’t wish to

In reality

I must’ve been a fool

To kill myself to get back at him

Was it a life worth living?

Or a

Life worth forgetting?

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Wow.. AGAIN! Another award…

I’m super stunned  and excited by the fact that I have been nominated again (Still don’t believe I’m getting all these award nominations lol).My third nomination.. I’m enjoying all the love ❤
Thanks a lot..

This time I have been nominated by my beautiful friend, Jeni ,this lady has a beautiful blog and never failed to appreciate my works 😛 Always encouraging and kind …all-around awesome person.. Thank you so much for your love ❤

I’m not sure if I’m worthy enough to be called Inspiring but thank you, really.. It means a lot to me…

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The free writing challenge – I

I have been nominated by Barrira ( She’s one of my favorites so far) to the free writing challenge,below are the rules for the task:

  1. Open an MS Word document
  2. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat.
  3. You topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
  4. Fill the word doc with as much words as you want. once you began writing do not stop even to turn.
  5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)
  6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However if you do, it would be best.
  7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. Of words =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
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My word: Eyes

Her pale green eyes

The window to her soul

Our glances hold messages

Of undefined feelings

Oh, her eyes

Inviting me to see

Wanting me to know her deeper

I miss the sparkle in them

Watch her eyes

You can see what I see

You can see the locked out images

You can see where she has been

You can see her hurt

You can see her biggest fears

Watch her closely

Do you see the darkness?

Consuming her?

Or do you recognize the person

She wants her to be?

ps: Does it make any sense?

Time : 4minutes 30 seconds

Words : 90

Now for the nominations :






And the word for you guys is, “innocence”. Anybody else who is up for the challenge, please feel free to join in 🙂

Let go or Be dragged…

Sometimes in life good bye is the only way even though you never wanted to leave..There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you…It hurts so much more to keep holding to something that isn’t there…So letting it go will be the only option!


Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

 Willing to let myself fall

I gave him everything

I’ve fallen for him

I’ve fallen for his charms

I’ve fallen for his words

Walking around

In broken heels

I can hardly breathe

All my dreams

Getting smaller and smaller

My trust was my last defense

Never in my wildest dream

I did expect this to happen

You made the choice

But I guess it was meant to be

Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

My love for you has no meaning but a blur

I feel bare and naked

Unprotected like a child

No amount of passion

Can ever stop this pain

I have no more intent

This is the last one for you,

There’s nothing left I can do.

You were something that I did virtue,

Even when you never had a clue.

Does it make any sense

that I’ve broken my own heart?

Sometimes letting go is the only way…

Black And White Empty Road

…Until he conquers again


The frowning bright blue sky,

Rusted tangerine colored moon

Goes pale in confusion

The night has come

Clouds painted blue in black

Like a feathered spray

Hovering above in sky.


Trees casting invisible shadows

Lonesome figures creep along

Sleep seems a far off dream

Where have all the stars gone?

Why does the sky bleed?

The blood flows through my veins

Quenching my sun baked soul


Lightning flashed through

The rolling thunder of my dreams

Pouring down with all its might

Washing away my troubles,

Falling freely at last to the ground

Refreshing me with gentle fingers

My feathers brushing against the wind


The rain diminishing quietly

Sun is blazing

Once again there is green ground

And the seven colors

Exhibit its departure

Redefining the beauty

From temporary dull to blue

Until the rain conquers again



images (2)

The night stumbled

The grief rushed in currents of air

As he gave his final good bye

Her tears of sorrow,

Washed away by his words.

Huddling under overcoats

His mischievous laugh

His care; his swing of love

His cradle of passion

Shadows of things that used to be

hinders her ability to see

into the loneliness of the starless wintry night.

As she walks along this passage

Wondering where he is now,

Does he stare in to space wondering too?

Is he happy, or lonely as she?

She sat there

Tossing rocks in to the calm shimmery water

Wondering what would have been if they had a chance…

Liebster Award!!

My first award  😀  


I’m not old to blogging.. Hardly a month! I’m super glad now =D
I’m honored. I have been nominated by an amazing of friend of mine, Sulagno, for this Liebster Award.He is jovial, energetic and an extremely pleasant person to deal with.And yeah he is having one of the most attractive,& well written blogs I’ve read in a while.
Thank you so much for all the follows..Valuable comments and likes! It means a lot (:
Stay fab

RULES :                          

So while dealing with anything first we need to know the rules of the game. So before proceeding any further I introduce you with those rules:-

  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
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    Wish you Happy Blogging all my friends!
    Will be keenly waiting for your answers and comments. 😀

 So I further nominate:













Questions by Sulagno :

# Suppose you spent the whole evening and night studying for a paper next day, engrossed. In the morning some an hour before the exam a friend told you,” Stupid. Dude that paper was postponed last evening. Now we have another exam, though easy one.” What would you feel and how will deal with it?

Dance away cause the exam got postponed 😛 Another exam on the same day? Omg O_o

# If you get the chance, with which celebrity would you like to date with?

This is hard because I have a bunch of celebrity crushes…but I think Matthew Perry. Ever since I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. totally in luv wd him.. He is hilarious and nice..Ya May be Christian Bale.. Hmmm Ryan Gosling … Ya Brad Pitt …Offo I can’t decide…

# If you were elected the Ruler of the world, Supreme Power, what will do? Which are the things would make you deeply satisfied? And which are the things you would miss and crave for?

If I rule the world… It will be a paradise heaven.. Every single day will be like a wood stock, everyone can walk around bare foot with flowers in hands.. Music festivals..nd ya no mixing between religion and politics.. I will banish cancer, drugs, home works, hates…I have got a long list 😛 I’m a control freak so I’ll make sure that things get done rather than making it complicated 😛

The things that make me satisfied… My best friends presence: P

I miss him (

Right now I crave for a cup cake & Chocolate ice cream.. And I have got no idea why 😛

# What will you say, when you approached your crush after battling your own inner fears, and he/she says, “ hahaha….you are so funny and sweet. By the way you deserve someone better than me. ” ? (I know it, that line, hurts a lot)

If you don’t want to date me- that’s fine, I get that! It doesn’t matter if you love me back ya not! Atleast have the courage to say that on my face :@  rather than this lame excuses.. what were those?? The times we spent? The talks?? Our arguments? Forever craps??  *sobs* ” …. I know I’m a drama queen !

# What will you do if you encounter a ghost face to face by coincidence?

I’ll try to communicate..I’m so curious about life after death 😛 and I aint afraid of dead people scared of live ones and cats too… eeehhh….

# If you caught a kid (in close relations, may be your kid or future kid, and age below 14) watching porn or nude pictures, what will you say to him or her? (Sorry if anyone felt embarrassed.) 🙂

I think I’ll try to be calm not to freak out! You know, pornography is no longer restricted to the top shelf or “over 18” shops. It’s everywhere on the internet. It’s like road safety. However safe pedestrian crossings are, there’s always a risk a car may jump the light.

And I’ll have an healthy discussion about sex, pornography and internet safety. It’s not like somebody forced him/her to do this. So let him know the perks. I think I can get him back in right track. After all he is my kid.Easily brain-washable 😛

# Suppose you have a crush on your best friend and he or she keeps on asking whom do you like. Its obvious that person will be in a surprise and taken aback if you directly say” I love you or that person is you. ” It can be positive or negative because when they say they don’t mean for themselves. So how will you approach to your crush who asks who is your crush? 

Well… I think I will wait until I get a positive sign from him.. Because losing him will be the end of it. If I’m so sure that it’s just me.. one side.. Then I ll confess my feelings. I don’t want to cheat him putting up a whole best friend only drama… rest is his decision.. I’ll let him choose!

# How will you react if a call came from an unknown number at 2 am local time telling that you have been nominated for the Nobel Prize and among the top 20 nominees? (PS: Here everyone is a blogger and writing is passion so the Literature section is always open) lol 😀

Hmm.. Yeah at first I’ll be dumbstruck and excited. Jumping around…Dancing like maniac.. Who cares if it is 2 a.m. ya 6? Embrace the moment 😛

# What is your opinion on Love at First Sight? Does it exist or not?

I don’t actually believe in love at first sight. It’s just attraction…no matter how many stories we read, how many movies we’ve seen. It’s just hormones not love. In order for you to love someone you should know them personally.. But I do believe in “love” and “first love” ❤

# Suppose you were born in those days of colonial rule. What will you do as a person in order to inspire people putting an end to the period ruled as slaves and fight back their total freedom?

I would’ve fought along with slave abolitionists against slavery. I would’ve tried to make them understand being poor is not an accident even that is man-made which can be removed together as a whole by our actions and being a peaceful slave will never bring them good. Will inspire them to be strong to work together for the best!

So I am done with all.

~Now, the questions for the nominated are :-

  1. Describe yourself in one word.
  2. What have you always wanted? Did you get it?
  3. State 3 hidden facts about yourself.
  4. What was the weirdest prank call you ever did?
  5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what will you change?
  6. Your favorite author/poet and why? One book you would recommend to me.
  7. Sweet or savory? TV show you secretly enjoy
  8. What is your biggest daily obsession?
  9. Do you think that it is possible to have a deep friendship with a man/woman? Just friendship, nothing else?
  10. What is on your mind right now?

Will be keenly waiting for your answers. Good luck and take care 🙂 Stay blessed =D



Blanket the newborn

No longer a chrysalis

It has flown to another land

Lost to time and space

Embrace the change…


Heart flutters

Wings dragging,


Like a deer in trap;

Amongst the flowers,

And above the oceans


Another butterfly gets his wings

Takes refuge in the sky


He is like him

I can feel it

We touch but we do not embrace

Our eyes lock but we do not gaze.

Though it smells like love

All I feel is pseudo love

The abandon cocoon of love


If I could transform my pains

If I was him rather than the cocoon

I want to fly high

Butterfly free

And let my colors explode

Wild Thoughts! #1

There is always a crashing point or threshold, initially it was difficult taking me out of wreck, but now I write.. As I write with my half chewed pencil in this lonely night, my heart thumping..  I never thought I will write so much in two weeks.. It’s like a way of cleaning up. Writing has always given me a sense of satisfaction..It is like a drug I can’t live without.

(I’m not bragging. Just stating a fact)

I know my thoughts are wilder than my dreams. Getting lost in the wild has its own benefits. It’s something you don’t get by sitting in room and watching television, it’s nothing but EXPERIENCE. And here comes my questions: P

I always wondered how mirage’s can fool me again and again every single time. How can my eyes, my intellect be wrong? And you know what is worse than that?

I used to feel everyone are unique but the more closely I scan meticulously the more similarities are disclosed. May be everyone are different in the way they think, the things they do and stuff. But deep inside everyone are amazingly talented actors, their versatility reflects from the fact that they change roles ever single minute and every single seconds. And People’s love for romance, humor, love and sadness are immense. Fooling one another and faking the love is their favorite past time.

I wonder what the world is… I always wanted to ditch the pretenses that we live in and I don’t get why the world wants us to conform to its norm. Why not abandon the fakeness and toxicities behind? Why can’t people set aside their prejudices and listen?

Ultimately, we’re all snowflakes-different yet the same 😀

So everyone,”Set your hair free allowing its lock hit you..Lay down barefoot on grass.. soaking in peace…”

Now this is enough, because my extremely valuable thoughts are losing track again and again…

Urgh! My Wild Thoughts are on the Loose!!!




I stood there


Feeling like

It was nothing

My night mares


When I wake up

I’m lost


His dreams

They were bright



I’m afraid

I can’t fight forever

I’m chained

You watch me gasp for breath

You watch me stand in storms

You watch me blank out

In my whispers,

Silent breaths

I’ll tell you how things were

I’ll pretend that it was real

My empty lies!!!

Glowing Embers


Cold and shivering

Scared of life

You left me alone in shivering winter

With a broken soul

The air is stale

I stay captivated by the echoes of silence

I gleefully wander the infinite path,

Leaving memories in burning flames

Ashes to ashes

My whole life has turned to embers

Lying beneath the star lit sky,

Cradled by earth

Upon a barren ground

I’m never content

With life’s endless drama

Always wanting more…

Storm Surprise !!!


Sitting on bed

On the verge of sleep

My skin pressed to the glass

Air turns heavy

Clouds sweeping sky

Sunset fading slowly into stars

Trees casting shadows

Frigid screams

Mighty thunder

Silver fire

The cold numbing my nose

Drenching my soul with showers

The drops shattering like pearls

Lonesome figures creep along

Pattering, Thuds, Pour

Rejoicing in the chaos

My frown turning to a smile

The spring storm begins

Mist rises from ground

Chill settles in my bones

Dampening my spirits

Frozen with snow!

Ode to woman

Is she something for you?

Is she a readymade machine?

When she’s older, things will change

She’ll learn to suffer pain

Till the point when she won’t know her

She isn’t made to fight

She’ll never be in power

She’s told to settle down

And be a flower

You say her to lower her eyes

You want her to do your works

You want her to never complaint

You want her to spent whole life

In feet of you.

Is she something for you?

Is it because she prefers comfort rather than flaunt?

Is it because she prefers you rather her?

Is it because she prefers family than herself?

Depressing? Is it not?

Can you clarify? Is she something for you?

 Break the cycle

We’re all same…

images (1)

(: Smile :)

You gave me a reason to smile

You gave me the wrinkles worth having

Five years have past

Yet your smile remained still

Embracing me

like the ripples in water

I wondered for so long

The reason behind your smile

It’s such a mystery to me

I adore and yet envy thee

Your sparkling eyes

And gleaming grin

You’re insane

And I love it

I wish to be your smile

Like a creamy Sunday delight!!!


Her Illusions

As she walk in that lonely path

Passing through the endless crowd

She met two eyes

It was different from those all,

who walked past her

They stood there gazing each other

And the whole crowd stopped moving

Is this love?

She’s still dreaming

She’s probably going crazy

She closed her eyes

She can feel that their world

 growing bigger and bigger

When he reciprocate her feelings

She can feel the rain drops

dripping in her stomach

He showered her

with endless memories

Time flew away

She didn’t know when

Truth becomes lies

And promises becomes words…

He walked away

And their love become her only regret

She sits back and feels as if

Their moments have been fading away

And their worlds has been collapsing

Right in front of them

Even without his presence

They are grabbing away her life

How many illusions she has to pass before reaching him?

Sometimes she feel like letting it go

But then he stands right before her eyes

And making her realize

That they weren’t illusions

One day these walls

 Will crumble

One day the door

Will swing wide open

And when the day comes

Remember he is meant to fly higher,

And he will fly back towards her

no one can take that away…


I know you won’t stay

I know you’re tired

But tears of hope

Filled my heart

Longing you to stay

I want to say those words

You are longing to hear

But these scars in heart

They won’t seem to heal

The pains you made

Are overwhelmingly clear

I get broken a thousand times

And still you didn’t seem to hear

I have spend endless nights

Reminiscing your smile

I tried to clear the mess

All my efforts went useless

I know it’s difficult to live without you

But letting you was the only option left

I think.. I Over think!

Is it bad to think too much about something? People advise me not to think much , just have fun and enjoy the moment. I think I over think. I most certainly do.

What if Cinderella didn’t fall in love with her Prince charming?

What if people start thinking that it’s the inside beauty that matters?

What if Snow white didn’t eat the poison apple and let the old woman have a bite first?

What if Sleeping beauty didn’t touch the spindle?

What if all the money in the world is distributed equally among the world?

What if you’re never born? What if your Mr. Perfect never jumps off the cliff for you?

When I text someone What if he didn’t reply me?

What if he didn’t find me as interesting as her?

All this what-if’s made my day today 🙂 And Finally

What if you didn’t like this post ?:P

Unfinished Dreams

“What happens  when thoughts and  emotions meet?”

She’s told to stay strong, keep fighting

But they don’t understand

She’s already lost.

When he left to fight for King

She had no choice to stop him

When he returned

It wasn’t him

It was a shell he used to be.

She’s counting all the time away

Just waiting for everything to end

Forever seems like a long time

I’m unsure what the reason is

I turn around but I can’t seem to let go

What is reality?

And what is dream?

She looks in the mirror

And burst in to tears

His voice pounding in her ears

Empty and lost in life

Sometimes I wonder

If there is someone else out there

Like her.

They say open your eyes

She’s forced to see the darkness

He doesn’t hear her

The darkness shuts out everything.

Come back..

As I grow old

All I hear is a lonely song…

I know he is out there for me

I wish if he could hold me like before

We had our inhibitions in becoming friends

I guess it’s true what they say

how “just friends” never works out the way

But little did I know that our bond is breaking

And soon we are going to grew apart.

All those happy times are gone

And I know life is about moving on

Yet my heart fails to understand it

You were everything I’ve ever needed

I didn’t mean to hurt you

I swear I have nothing to do with this tangled mess

How does ignoring me possibly do you good?

At what point you will stop trying to be better and admit the truth?

If my feelings are irritating I think you’ve misunderstood.

The more you deny the more I seek your presence

People tell me that I’m wrong for falling in love with you

Trust me I have tried so hard to keep you out of my heart

Now I’m ready to get settled for anything you give

Tell me whether you can be happy without me

I can clearly see the loss in your gleaming eyes too

Don’t you dare say that I’m something that you don’t deserve

Because you had your chance for this but you said nothing at all…

Even when this relationship has gone cold

I can clearly hear your voice

And I miss the way you never looked at me.

Now I’m certain that you didn’t mean a thing because

Every time you said you are addicted with me

It was just the whispers of a cheesy play boy

I still remember the day you walked away

It’s because I was thinking you’d look back at me

It’s not that you abandoned me hurt me the most

It’s the thought and memories that you left behind

I tried to paint my heart without scrapping out your memory

I knew missing someone was a kind of pain

But I never knew what it felt like when someone wouldn’t do the same

I swear I tried my best when you left

But I’m tired of pretending that I’m just fine

Your presence still on my skin

It slice through my heart

I don’t want this feeling

I’m haunted by your smile

You are living in my eyes with that goodbye

Please make it go away

Remember the time when you took me out?

Remember the time you held my hands?

Remember the time we shared endless laughs?

Remember the days we fought badly?

So many memories and I just have to ask

Do you remember it all just like that?

Did you enjoy like the way I do?

I have already choked the last tears that will ever come

People look at me and think I’m mad

That’s because they don’t know you like the way I do

I hope you regret on the goodbye you chose to keep

I hope it floats on your head while you’re trying to sleep

I want to speak until you love me

And then leave because that’s what you did

Don’t you dare say me that you wanted to stay

And try to make me believe that I’m something you’ll miss

Like all the normal people I wanted a closure

A closure that I deserve for loving you so much

I want you to know that I’ll be fine

I want you to know that I don’t need your time

I want you to know that I’m not weak

I want you to know that falling out is not easy as falling in

I want you to know that when you say hello I hear baby

I want you to know that when you say no I hear maybe we can

I want you to know that that one thing

I’d like to see is a promise that at least you’ll remember me

Why am I the only one to hear your voices?

Why am I the only one to see your eyes on the stranger?

Why am I missing you when I clearly know that you don’t miss me?

Why should I miss “us” when you never wanted an “us”?

It’s true that love is blind.

The only regret that I’ve is

I should’ve stolen a kiss on that last night

I should’ve given you a reason to fight

I should’ve done something to made you stay

And I guess here was your reason this whole time

How I loved you enough to let go to chase your dreams and not fight.

I hope the seasons fly past me

So fast for me to cope up with this

 the grit and endless hope…



To start a day with!

  • “Get busy living or get busy dying.”-Stephen King,The Shawshank Redemption
  • “My idea of good company…is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.’  ‘You are mistaken,’ said he gently, ‘that is not good company, that is the best.”
    ― Jane Austen, Persuasion
  • “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”-Lewis Carroll,Alice in Wonderland
  • “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”-Paulo Coelho,The Alchemist
  • “Blood of my blood and bone of my bone. You carry me within ye, Claire, and ye canna leave me now, no matter what happens. You are mine, always, if ye will it or no, if ye want me or nay. Mine, and I wilna let ye go.” -Diana Gabaldon, Outlander
  • “There is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world; there is only the comparison of one state with another. Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss. It is necessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live…..the sum of all human wisdom will be contained in these two words: Wait and Hope.” – Alexandre Dumas,The count of Monte Cristo
  • “To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world.” -Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children
  • “I am half agony, half hope…” -Jane Austen, Persuasion
  • “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”-A.A. Milne,Winnie the Pooh
  • “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” -George R.R Martin,A game of thrones
  • “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”-J.K.Rowling, HP:Goblet of fire

If we were a movie…

“Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring”

Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic teenage girl.

I grew up thinking that my love life will be magical, something out of ordinary.

I should blame it on the Indian cinemas. That entire Bollywood chick flick’s which I have seen thousand times again and again which forced me to believe in the whole prince charming concept and those surreal romances. Those melodic music and advertisements everything made me to fall head over heels. So, you see I was programmed to think, believe and look forward to a super romantic love life ahead. I had pictured me falling in love with a guy in endless Bollywood-Situations and I’ve been planning to repeat every single scene I have seen on-screen with him.

I always believed that my life will be like something I had seen in all those movies, where I meet a guy whom I will hate to death and eventually we will become friends from strangers. And before even I realize we will be in love Or something like meeting a bad boy in college and the perfect me changing him completely to bring the best out of him 😛

A romantic beach proposal enjoying the sunset and I will be the right girl whom he will be spending his whole life with…and and happily ever after…

If we were a movie….


Loneliness that haunts me…

Tears are words that NEED to be written -Paulo Coelho

My life like many ppl…is just one constant battle between wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely…Need a break from this loneliness that is consuming me as whole…So I took a paper and pen… and this makes my loneliness a counter productive action…

It’s only daytime here in my darkness
with only loneliness as company
I listen to the silence
since no one can hear me.
It’s still daytime in my darkness
with a sun of black coal
my tears fall in a corner
and my silent cries echo.
I’m sitting here alone
In this empty room
which keeps on getting emptier,
Only the light from the street is shining.
And then a loud call for help,
And everything turns black,
I try thinking of something or someone
to help maself out of this,
But nothing comes to my head,
I’m alone…
He came to visit me again today,
I wish that he would stay away,
I didn’t ask for him to come,
I didn’t ask him where he’s from,
I’m happy when he isn’t here.
It’s hard to smile when he appears,
I hope he leaves me soon,
He fills my life with gloom,
Sometimes his visit’s only brief,
A moment spent with no relief.
Sometimes he stays for quite a while,
Unwanted company to live with
Me, then I try to walk away,
But he just wants to come and stay,
The loneliness which haunts me again and again,
Throughout my life….

Waiting for the end…

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